Who is Archer en Tilavine?

My EVE Online Story

I first started playing EVE back in 2011. I was determined to play the game in “hard mode” and try to figure out everything on my own and… well… the initial stages of my journey were perilous and not as fruitful as they could have been otherwise. Much of my tenure was running a corp of like-minded “let’s figure this out on our own without being spoon-fed the knowledge” individuals that was routinely wiped out by griefer corps whenever we gained momentum with numbers and structure and frequent fleet ops (this was before war immunity was a mechanic). It suffices to say that I’ve since learned to embrace the community and its resources and vehemently encourage new and existing EVE players to do the same.

I’ve done a lot since then; most notably, I currently myself as the Co-Founder and Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] where we employ a long roster of “grinders” that are paid handsomely to run missions for an even longer list of satisfied clients. My favorite part of running USIA is meeting and speaking with numerous players from all parts of New Eden (including some very high-profile individuals) that I probably wouldn’t have engaged with otherwise – I’ve definitely learned a lot from them over the past two years. The same applies to my interactions with other forum users now that I’ve become a forum regular. These extensive discussions with players from and about different cross-sections of the game are the primary motivation for me running for CSM: there’s a lot of good ideas out there that aren’t being heard, and some communities are being given less love than others and need better representation on the CSM.

My Areas of Expertise

Up to now the bulk of my experience has revolved around mission running, exploration, factional warfare, Hisec warfare, industry, and marketing. As the Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA], I’m a subject matter expert on standings mechanics and mission blitzing. I’m also an expert in fitting/theorycrafting and damage modeling fits. In real life I’m a learning specialist (among other things), so I’m very effective at teaching the game to others and writing guides. I feel this background will better enable me to contribute feedback to EVE’s UI/UX and New Player Experience.

There are a number of areas of the game in which I am not as knowledgeable or experienced in, and I don’t pretend to be. For this reason, I am actively reaching out to the community to better learn, understand, and get perspective on these areas as well as getting new ideas and feedback on ideas that I’ve formulated or that have been presented to me from elsewhere.

Why Am I Applying for the CSM?

As a forum regular and active Discord user, I notice that a lot of great feedback, including what are frankly the best solutions to existing problems, repeatedly gets overlooked over and over and over again, so I feel the community requires more acknowledgement than it currently receives from both CCP and CSM. In particular, I feel there are a lot of improvements that could be made to benefit the repeatedly neglected and underrepresented communities such as HS/LS players, newbies, solo players and small groups, miners, etc., and also changes that affect all players in general that are overlooked by the historically Nullbloc CSM. Too many changes lately are being pushed that either benefit too small of a demographic, or impose unwanted content or even unhealthy emergent behaviors into EVE.

I also feel that too many CSM candidates are running on reputations (that not everyone might be privy to) or vague/non-existent platforms, whereas I am running on an actual, highly-specific, concrete platform moreso than my reputation. My intention is to earn votes on the basis of my specific ideas and my willingness to consider new and re-evaluate existing ideas rather than whether or not someone knows or has heard of me.

My primary focus is on the ideas and concerns of underrepresented communities on changes to content and mechanics that are readily accessible to all players, but it is my intention to represent ALL players to the best of my ability.

What Can Players Expect From Me?

I present myself as a community candidate that is readily accessible via forums, Discord, and EVEmail that will respond to all “pings” and explicitly acknowledge ideas for consideration both as a CSM Candidate and as CSM member. I will be unambiguously clear on my positions on those ideas, and will be willing to raise ideas I might not personally agree with but merit further discussion with the rest of CSM. As an active regular forum user, I will also regularly engage with the community and provide commentary on ideas even if I have not been pinged. (That is to say that an item does not always have to be posted in Assembly Hall for it to have caught my attention.)

To the extent permitted by the Non-Disclosure Agreement, I also intend to provide more frequent and thorough updates on topics discussed at CSM meetings than CSM members have up to now. At the barest of minimums, I intend to let the community know on a frequent, regular basis which items I have been presented directly to CCP/CSM so that their actions or inactions on those items will be held directly accountable by the community. (This is something I know CSM are allowed to do because it has been done before.)

Why Am I Campaigning So Early?

I’m campaigning early because I want to give the community the opportunity to engage and get to know me me as a prospective CSM member: ask me questions, propose ideas, and provide feedback and counterpoints to existing ideas on my platform. I wouldn’t be much of a community candidate if the community did not know who I am (or that I even exist) and that I am committed to representing them as a whole. I’m also actively reaching out to subject matter experts to help craft a platform that is relevant and effective at improving the game. All players are invited to provide constructive criticism on my platform (especially players who have counterpoints or disagreements). I ask for feedback not to help me win the election, but to ensure the community is being represented in the platform. Even if I lose the election, a community-vetted platform could be something elected CSM members could work off of since it will remain published on my website after the elections are over.

As stated above, I am readily accessible via Discord, forum pings, and EVEmail – I invite all members of the community to contact me for questions, comments, suggestions, and participation in my Discord server or CSM campaign.

My Platform

My (very extensive!) platform is broken down into several sections, and can be found on Trello. Some sections have overlapping concerns – for example, the Balancing section will contain items that will affect both PVE and PVP (which have their own sections). Each and every single item on my platform is subject to debate (including possible removal), and new items are always welcome for consideration.

Platform Highlights:

(to do)